Don't be Frustrated with Overly Complex Electronics

EDS makes Multi-Room Entertainment easy! You can have a system that is integrated into a home via hidden cables and wall or ceiling mounted speakers. It includes in-wall touch panels at a central hub unit which includes hi fidelity music from any source. All are connected so they can then be accessed and controlled in every connected room independently and/or simultaneously for a simple solution.

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Whether you’re looking for a Simple Commercial Room Setup or a Fully Customized Boardroom Design

Our AV systems increase productivity, enhance communication among your employees, and most importantly impress your clients. EDS is the first choice of corporate clients who demand the highest quality audio, video and component integration for your company's conference room, executive boardroom, lighting control and an intuitive control system. Our designs incorporate video extenders, wireless presentation solutions, in-table data ports, elegant commercial speakers, video conferencing, and uncomplicated, elegant AV control solutions.

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Let Us Design the Perfect Solution for You

Living Space Theaters
Living Space Theaters

Create a complete entertainment hub for your family and friends with a multi-purpose room dedicated to big-screen TV, video gaming, movies and music. Lets make your living space theater the most popular place in the house and even the entire neighborhood.

Control your home
Control your Home with a Touch of a Button

Looking to reduce coffee table clutter? With one remote that can do it all! Imagine your home that remembers to lock itself at 10 pm, shades that close as the sun hits, a home theater setup that takes care of lights, and even control your sound and picture. Life is better with a touch of a button

Commercial Boardroom
Board Room Automation

Looking to enhance your conference rooms, court rooms, tanning solons, yoga studios and much more? If you need a sound system, digital signage, video conferencing, intercom system, video projection or flat panel TVs installed into your commercial application we can do it.

Commercial HOW
House of Worship

At EDS we understand the importance of designing and integrating a successful audio/visual system for your house of worship. With EDS’s expertise and proper planning, we can design a system to meet your current needs, budget, and technical requirements. From creating crisp, clear visuals, to accurate and well-placed sound support, EDS ensures that your installed system will be easy to use, simple to control, and fully expandable.